PIP Printing and Direct Marketing Accredits its Sales Success to Salesnet

Duluth, GA (July 28, 2010) - PIP is an innovative small printing company that uses state of the art technology to create high-quality prints quickly. Shane Parker, the managing partner of PIP, recently provided Salesnet with a testimonial and discussed how Salesnet has helped his sales team over the past seven years.

"I know Salesnet has helped a lot," said Parker. "It seems like other companies, without Salesnet, have worked twice as hard for half as much."

In the last seven years PIP has increased sales, endured a recession, and for the past five years ranked amongst the top 100 quick printers in the country by Quick Printing Magazine. Parker credits this resilience to having a good product and a sales team optimized with the CRM solution Salesnet.

"It's always cost," said Parker. "Most people our size are not doing as well as they could be from the sales management side. How much more could they add to their revenue as compared to what they are spending? The cost of Salesnet easily takes care of itself."

About PIP Printing and Direct Marketing

PIP Printing and Direct Marketing Services is a locally owned family business that has been providing central Illinois with its printing and direct marketing needs for over 30 years.

About Salesnet

Salesnet, the provider of online CRM software specializing in managing and reinforcing successful sales performance is focused on delivering solutions that empower companies to sell more effectively. Salesnet's hosted CRM solutions are proven alternatives to expensive and complex packaged CRM software. Organizations such as LXE, Sovereign Bank, Namasco, and PIP Printing and Direct Marketing use Salesnet to increase revenues, improve sales and marketing effectiveness, and successfully manage customer relationships. Salesnet provides complete flexibility, customizability, and a rapid deployment. For more information, visit www.salesnet.com.

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